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Why We Give

Elizabeth Atwater Alexander, A'35


Elizabeth Atwater Alexander and her brother, Asa, earned their bachelor degrees from Duquesne University during one of the worst times in American history, the Great Depression. Their family was fortunate not to experience the destitute conditions in which many families More

Helen McKarney McNamara


Duquesne University is grateful for friends like Helen McNamara. Helen's late husband, James D. McNamara, A'45, and his father, William H. McNamara, B'26, were graduates of Duquesne University and both held a passion for learning, travel and business. More

Alvin P. Brannick, A'53, L'59


"Duquesne University was ahead of its time in the area of diversity and ecumenism. The friends I made at Duquesne are truly a cross section of American society, and these friendships have endured and are so meaningful to me and my family." More

Colonel John F. Naughton, USA (Ret.), L'66


"My education has served me well. Growing up in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, I completed my undergraduate work at Washington & Jefferson College, then applied to and was accepted to the Duquesne University School of Law." More

Jan Mrvosh Taylor, A'77


In considering the many options while choosing a college, Jan knew that she wanted to remain within two hours of Pittsburgh. She also knew that she wanted to receive a quality education with a Christian focus. More

Paul Lojpersberger, B'56


Having lived in Western Pennsylvania for ten years, Paul was well aware of Duquesne University and its reputation for academic excellence. After two years at a college in North Carolina, he returned home to complete a degree in business administration at Duquesne. More

Lambert Minucci, GA '70


Lambert joined the Duquesne University community as a non-traditional student. He was married to Carol, who passed away in 2004, and working full time at PPG Industries when he began his educational journey to obtain a master's in mathematics. More

Patricia Duffy, Friend


Patricia Duffy truly understands the importance and benefits of a Duquesne University education. Her husband, the late Michael J. Duffy, Sr., graduated from the McAnulty College in 1958. More

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