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Alvin P. Brannick, A'53, L'59


Alvin P. Brannick, A '53, L '59

"Duquesne University was ahead of its time in the area of diversity and ecumenism. The friends I made at Duquesne are truly a cross section of American society, and these friendships have endured and are so meaningful to me and my family. We have continued to visit each other throughout the years. At a time in our culture when America was segregated, Duquesne's doors were open and welcoming to minorities and members of other faith traditions," Brannick recalls with pride.

While an undergraduate student in the College, Alvin also learned the importance of service. As a student at Duquesne's School of Law, he experienced an emphasis on ethics that cemented his commitment to his fellow man. Later, Alvin's Duquesne education benefited him during his service as Vice President for Development and in-house legal counsel at Carnegie Mellon University. Since his retirement in 1993, Alvin continues to serve others through his involvement in various causes.

True to his concern for others, Alvin Brannick has included a bequest to Duquesne University in his estate plan.

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